Our beard oils are a mixture of carrier and essential oils with a smell of cologne. Our oils are a cosmetic product that is used to moisturise the skin under the beard, as well as the beard itself in order to keep it soft, shiny, and smooth, while adding a bit of shine depending on the amount that is used.

Shampoo and washes is our hair care product range, it comes in a viscous liquid form that is used for cleaning hair. Our range of shampoos and washes is used by applying it to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.


Our grooming products are used to moisturise and change the texture and/or shape of hair, or to hold the hair in place. Our grooming products are an act of shaving, styling and caring for your hair.


Our shaving products are cosmetic creams and oils applied to body hair, usually facial hair, to facilitate shaving. The use of our products achieves three effects: lubricates the cutting process; swells keratin; and desensitizes skin.

Stijl Men

At Stijl Men you will have an experience unlike anything else. From the complimentary craft beer straight through to the classic barbering experience with classic hair cuts, hot towels and specialised beard trims or clean cut-throat shaves.


Many moons ago, in a land of lore and song, the Captain found himself
stranded on a mysterious aspiration. With no means of maintaining and
properly caring for his thick and praiseworthy beard of legend; he
developed a product using only the freshest and purest ingredients to
be found.

And this he decided to bestow upon the world, his gift to every
beard wielding bad-ass out there.

It was cleped and is well known today as Beard Oil. Through sheer will
and dedication, he enveloped himself in years of research to perfect his
age-old recipes, tools for grooming, and products every man needs to
get a full, thick, and soft beard.

It wasn't enough for him, so he kept developing products and eventually
had a complete range of Men's Grooming Products to help every self-respecting
man out there look their best and get the respect they deserve.
From us at The Captains Beard, we are proud to present to you his legacy.
His range of unrivaled and unsurpassed Men's Grooming Products.
Unquestionably the best quality and blend in existence.

Yours Truly