Gold Dollar RB-7 Shavette




The Gold Dollar RB-7 shavette utilizes double-edged safety razor blades snapped in two (do this while it is still in the wrapper) as its disposable blades. Although it has only about half the cutting length of a fixed blade straight razor, it remains a cool tool to utilize as an introduction to straight razor shaving, and they are very cheap to run. They are favored by many hair professionals as blades are changed after each customer. (for hygienic reasons). The blade holder splits in two to accept the blade, and upon closing an additional guard is dropped over the two sides to secure them in place. This razor has stainless steel scales and a stainless wedge, all of it coated in black. The razors weigh 64 grams and have an overall length of 150 mm, with a cutting width of around 37 mm.


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