The Captain’s Beard Poseidon Mens Cologne 50ml




The Captains Beard Poseidon Mens Cologne is inspired by Dunhill Desire. It is a new generation men’s perfume that was introduced in the year 2000.  The fragrance has a predominantly woody oriental aroma that is both sweet and singular. The scent has been categorized as refreshing, exotic, and polished and was specifically crafted for the contemporary man. It is a well rounded fragrance that is bound to make any man who wears it, stand out in a crowd.The Captains Beard Poseidon Mens Cologne opens with a citrusy fruit burst that is at once refreshing and clean. Its top notes are made up of zesty lime, bitter neroli, fresh apple, and sour bergamot. This makes for a beginning that starts off with a bang. The Captains Beard Poseidon Mens Cologne perfume gets its signature oriental woody scent from its core notes that comprise of leafy patchouli, powdery rose, and woody teak. These notes are deep and dark while retaining their intensely romantic charm. What sustains this perfume’s aroma is the base notes of vanilla, musk, and labdanum. They add body to the scent and give it a sweet, warm, and leathery dry down that is very comforting.


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