How to apply The Captain’s Beard beard oil

Pour a R1 coin sized amount of The Captain’s Beard beard oil into the palm of your hand

Gently work the oil into the skin underneath your beard, mustache or whatever manly facial hair you have and then work the oil through the hair itself, replenishing all the natural oils and nutrients that have been removed from the hair and skin by daily life

Groom and style your beard as normal using a comb or brush (Beard oil makes this far easier and makes the hair more manageable)

Walk out into the world like the confident, well groomed, beard toting alpha male you are!

The best time to apply The Captain’s Beard beard oil is after a shower when the skin’s pores are open, ready to absorb all the nutrients

How to apply The Captain’s Beard Stache Wax

Using the back of your thumb nail, scrape up a small amount of stache wax (you can always add more later)

Rub wax between thumb and index finger to warm up it up enough to be spread

Starting from the middle and moving out, work the wax through your stache into the desired shape.

You can use a comb to spread the wax more evenly. Repeat until you have achieved your stache styling goal