The Captain’s Beard


When The Captain decided to grow a MANly beard he soon realised he needed a way of maintaining this testament to his manhood.

He spent long nights blending up his own mixture of essential oils and was approached left, right and centre asking what the secret to such a full, thick and soft beard was.

After much thought The Captain has finally decided to reveal his secret weapon to every rugged, beard toting man out there.

And that is how The Captain’s Beard came to be!

Handcrafted in South Africa


Unscrew the cap… Close your eyes… Take in the scent… Salam Aleikum! You’re on a camel overlooking the Moroccan sunset over the vast array dunes. Your majestic BEARD in the wind above the golden desert!

Exhale. Take another smell… Hola Senor! Take a hike through the vanilla fields. Feel free to pick a few pods, vanilla is after all a natural aphrodisiac, so try your hand at some science.

Exhale. Breath it in again…

Look at the tree; now look at your beard, now back at the tree. There’s an ax in your hand and you’re wearing a flannel. You smell that? Fresh cedar wood pine needles. Man-up like the lumberjack you are deep down! Exhale.