The 4 week 4 month rule on How to Grow a Thicker Beard

Growing a thicker beard can be a challenge for many men for a variety of reasons. The problem for most men is that once the beard reaches a certain point, itchiness can become so out of control that they trim or shave the beard too early. Combine this with a poor diet and improper skin care techniques, the beard looks thin and weak to say the least. Guys know that the beard is associated with masculinity, power, leadership, and wisdom, the thicker the beard the more respect it commands. Here are some simple tips you can implement today that will grow a thicker beard in less time that you might think.

The Four Week Beard Rule

The four-week rule means one thing, grow thicker beard consistently instead of missing out on the full potential. The sad truth is most guys do things to impede the growth of the beard long before it reaches its full potential. For many guys the beard begins itching around the two to three-week mark, and they let this consume them to the point they either shave or trim before the hair reaches thick status. The reason the hair is itching is a combination of two things. The first is poor grooming habits, basically the skin is not being moisturised so it can withstand the hair follicles piercing through. Secondly, as new hairs grow, they cause slight irritation in the skin that will subside in a few days, but most guys can not get to that point.

The trick to growing a thicker beard is to be able to get past that four-week mark. Even if you see patchiness and believe the hair will never fill in the gaps, you need to learn to be very patient when it comes to beard growth. It is at the four-week mark that most beards will start to connect and fill in better, then you are in the best position to evaluate your unique condition. The bottom line here is growing a thicker beard is a commitment on your part, you must get past the stubble phase to allow the beard to take shape and grow more rapidly. If you start trimming and shaping too early, you stop the growth process and never attain that truly thick beard.

DO NOT TRIM FOR THE FIRST FOUR MONTHS!!! Wait for your beard to find its natural shape first!

The Four Month Beard Rule

DO NOT TRIM FOR THE FIRST FOUR MONTHS!!! Waiting for your beard to find its natural shape first is crucial to a big thick beard. You need to know exactly what you are working with to know where you are going.

Most first timers (myself included) decide to trim a month in and realise there just isn’t enough hair to shape and trim into a masterpiece. My first beard ended in me looking like a fool and shaving that very night.

Don’t be like me!

The Next Steps

After you have made it to the four-month mark, you will have two choices when it comes to growing a thicker beard. You have one option of simply letting it grow on its own, letting it reach its full potential. The other option is to begin to sculpt, shape, and groom the beard. Letting it grow more naturally will earn you man points, but grooming helps to give you a more polished appearance. Trimming with scissors and a trimmer are ideal, but consider utilising a beard oil to help keep the skin below moisturised too. The beard oil will soak into the beard and help it grow thicker.

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